Christopher Polk/ACM2016/Getty Images for dcpKaty Perry turned 34 years old on Thursday, and she received what she called the “best. prezzy. ever.” — a birthday serenade from the legendary Dolly Parton.

On Instagram, Katy posted a video Dolly made for her, in which the country legend, sitting on a private plane on her way to L.A., says, “I know you’re having a birthday and I wish I could be there to kinda celebrate with you but the least I can do is say…”

She then clears her throat and began to sing, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Katy, I will always love you!”  Dolly adds, “Happy Birthday, you have a good day, and have one for me!”

Katy captioned the video, “I will always love you too @dollyparton.”

Katy is huge fan of Dolly’s and has spent many happy hours at Dolly’s theme park, Dollywood, in Tennessee. In 2016, when they sang together on the Academy of Country Music Awards, Katy called the country music legend her “personal hero and a powerful woman.” 

Not long after, Dolly told Rolling Stone that Katy was a “living doll,” adding, “I like her because she is very upfront, open, honest and funny.”

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Source: Mix News