Ian DevaneyShe’s “been around the world,” but British soul singer Lisa Stansfield hasn’t toured the U.S. for more than 20 years. That changes tonight, though, as Lisa takes the stage in Boston, MA for a series of U.S. dates in support of her new album Deeper.

So why has Lisa, who gave us the 1989 smash “All Around the World,” waited so long to return? It’s the ups and downs of the music biz, she says.

“We didn’t have a record deal here and nothing was really happening over here…much as every fan that I have over here has begged and begged over the years,” she tells ABC Radio. “So now, I’m here and I’m really excited!”

The singer — whose other hits include “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up,” “This Is the Right Time” and “You Can’t Deny It” — promises that her concerts are “about the music,” adding, “It’s all about having a really good time and having a lot of fun. It’s not, like, ‘sit down and behave yourself’ — no way!

And of course, during the tour, which wraps up October 26 in San Francisco, Lisa will be performing “All Around the World,” which she says she never gets tired of.

“The thing that I love about that song live is that I could just stand on the stage and not do anything and everyone would just sing it,” she laughs. “But it is amazing to see, like, 4,000 people all singing your song — it’s just magical. And to think that that has come out of your head — and it’s brought you so much amazing experience and happiness.”

But Lisa draws the line at listening to it on the radio if it happens to come on.

“I change the station straightaway,” she laughs. “‘Cause I’ve heard it enough!”

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Source: Mix News