Jerod Harris/Getty Images for American CinemathequeLady Gaga paid tribute to her A Star Is Born director and co-star Bradley Cooper Thursday night in Beverly Hills as he was honored with the 32nd American Cinematheque Award.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in her speech praising Cooper, Gaga revealed that when they appear together to promote A Star Is Born, “sometimes you call me ‘Gaga,’ but we both know that you call me Stefani.”

Stefani Germanotta is Lady Gaga’s birth name.  When her role in A Star Is Born was first announced, there were reports that she would be credited onscreen that way, but ultimately, she was not.  However, as Gaga explained in her speech, when she was making the movie, Cooper made her feel like Stefani again.

“I ran from Stefani for a long time, and I put on a superhero cape and called myself Lady Gaga, and you challenged me to deep dive into the place where I had to see her again, where I had to be Stefani again,” she told Cooper.

“They say that you never forget your first time. I sing in this movie, ‘I’ll never love again,’ and I will never love again a director the way that I love you, Bradley Cooper,” she continued. “Truly, a director star was born.”

Gaga told The Hollywood Reporter at the event, “He just is a kind person. He’s a loving soul, and that is a rarity in this industry…He’s not afraid to take chances, but he’s also not afraid to do exactly what he wants. Our friendship and our professional relationship, it’s all the same to me.”

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Source: Mix News