Joseph LlanesVia, Andy Grammer has premiered the video for “Don’t Give Up on Me,” the song he wrote for the upcoming movie Five Feet Apart.

The movie is about two teens, played by Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson, who have Cystic Fibrosis.  They fall in love, but they can never truly be together because they have to maintain a certain physical distance from each other due to their health. The film is directed by actor Justin Baldoni, an old pal of Andy’s.

The video inserts Andy into various sets and scenes from the movie, as he sings the tune about lovers overcoming obstacles. He tells Seventeen, “I think it’s one of the most basic parts of being alive with other humans…not giving up on them when things get hard. Sticking with someone through the hard stuff. I love writing about that.”

Andy adds that he watched the movie first and “loved it.”  He tells Seventeen that he, “ugly cried in a hotel room when I saw one of the first cuts.”

“It’s a beautiful story. I lost my mom 10 years ago to breast cancer so stories told in hospitals hit home a little extra hard for me,” he explains. “Perseverance through disease especially in the name of someone you love will always be inspiring.”

A portion of the proceeds from the song will go to Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc. Named in honor of activist and author Claire Wineland, it supports families living with Cystic Fibrosis.

In a statement, Baldoni says, “I couldn’t be more grateful to have Andy’s incredible anthem as our main title song of Five Feet Apart. Andy and I have been friends for over 15 years…It’s a special moment for our careers to converge like this.”

The movie opens March 15th.

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