Joseph LlanesAndy Grammer’s third album is “very close.”

In a video message posted to Twitter, the singer reveals his latest effort is called The Good Parts.  He also explains the title’s meaning.

“The Good Parts” is the album’s title track, which Andy calls one of his favorite songs he’s ever written. He sings a little of the hook, which has the lyrics, “Tell me your story, but don’t leave the good parts out.”

What are those good parts?  Andy says they’re “the most vulnerable pieces of yourself that when you actually share them make someone else open up and share about themselves, and all the below the surface stuff about just being a freakin’ human that we hide and are not the best at connecting on.”

Andy adds, “That’s what this whole album was for me, was trying to get and find them inside myself and go after writing it into a song form, pulling it out and then throwing it into your ears and hopefully in that we can all connect and relate on it. I’m so proud of this thing and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

Andy didn’t give a release date for The Good Parts.

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Source: Mix News