Michael Becker/FOXOn tonight’s American Idol, it’s the traditional “Hometown Visit” episode, where you’ll see each of the remaining four contestants go back to their towns, receive a hero’s welcome, give a concert and find out what their songs for this week will be.  The Final Four — Dalton Rapattoni, La’Porsha Renae, Mackenzie Bourg and Trent Harmon — all agree that they’ve been bowled over by the way their towns have been pulling for them.

”It’s overwhelming,” says Dalton, who’s from Sunnyvale, Texas. “Nothing really happens there so to hear that some kid went off to Californialand and is kicking it on American Idol…I guess it’s pretty exciting and I’m really stoked to have the support.”

La’Porsha, from McComb, Mississippi, says the folks back home are having weekly watch parties where they vote for her, and wearing T-shirts with her name and face on them.  “It’s been really good to see how they’ve pulled together to support me,” she adds.

Mackenzie says the support he’s getting from his peeps in Lafayette, Louisiana has been “completely crazy” and “unreal,” adding, “I get pictures every day from friends back home showing me my face on an electronic billboard around town. They have different ones everywhere…I can’t thank them enough.”

As for Trent, he says it’s sort of weird for him to speak to his friends back home in Amory, Mississippi. He says when he calls them and asks them what they’re doing, they tell him, ‘Man, it’s weird. Every Thursday we eat dinner and we watch you on TV.'” He adds, “I’m just trying to make them proud.”

In keeping with Idol tradition, on tonight’s episode, each of the contestants will sing three songs: one chosen by the judges, one by mentor Scott Borchetta and one that they’ve picked themselves as a tribute to their hometowns.  One contestant will be eliminated as well, so we’ll find out which three will make next week’s finale. 

If you want to be spoiled, check out the list of songs at MJsBigBlog.com.

American Idol airs at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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