ABC/Paula LoboGrowing up in Iowa, American Idol champ Maddie Poppe would always celebrate Halloween, but she says she can’t recall a favorite childhood costume.  She can, however, recall one special Halloween when she and her dad teamed up to scare her entire hometown.

Explaining why she can’t really point to one memorable costume, Maddie tells ABC Radio. “I feel like you’re several things each year, because you have to go to, like, different towns and stuff and trick-or-treat, so you have to dress up as something different sometimes.”

“But my favorite Halloween memory is [that] my dad and I built a haunted house in our garage one year, and the whole town came through it,” she explains.

“It went through our backyard and we, like, made a maze and we put so much work into it and it was so much fun!” she adds. “I love scaring people, but I hate being scared.”

While costumes aren’t a big deal for Maddie, she does have very strong opinions about Halloween candy.

“A Kit-Kat is always good because, y’know ,you can get sick of caramel…and, like, nougat or whatever they put in there,” she tells ABC Radio. “I’m getting very specific now! I know my candy!  But a Kit-Kat…I dunno. I don’t think anybody can ever turn down a Kit-Kat.” 

Maddie just released a new single, “Keep on Movin’ On,” and she’s hinted that the video is dropping this week.

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Source: Mix News